Now at Adobe: Modern! 

ADOBE:MODERN is a trendsetting gift and home furnishings store located in the historic Plaza de Mesilla. I am delighted to have my products there! Saumel Garcia is a pleasure to work with. His boutique was voted BEST GIFT SHOP!

Visit his web site:

In the Spring I purchased the Mug Sublimation Press. I have added the Sublimation printer and ink. So I am now doing them from start to finish in house. My current paintings are centered around Old Mesilla. Love my home town.

I am sourcing additional products - so Stay Tuned! Check with Adobe Modern and myself and see what is New!

Now listed in the NM Artist Directory! Please click below to see the new location that you can use to see when my art events are.

Scottsdale Artists School 

February was a busy one! My continuing education this year was a workshop with the President of the American Watercolor Society. Antonio Masi. This class was an intense 4 day event with lectures & demo in the morning. He continued to share information straight through lunch as most of us lunched in by ordering ahead of time. The afternoon he divided his time with each of us - the class was a wonderful size, just 10! A great week!  

Meet Antonio Masi

Antonio's Methods:  


He taught us all new information, at least to me. Forget everything you were told about water color - he paints 180 degrees from everything I have seen. First, he paints LARGE - his finished works are 40 x 60 or larger! He paints vertically - pinning the painting on a wall covered with plastic drop cloth. He uses oil brushes, palette knives and a mouth atomizer to spray paint on the paper. I was also introduced to a bamboo brush. So much to absorb - I have information to keep me busy for a very long time. 

He opened my mind to trying things, letting go of control, working in layers and so very much more. If you have an opportunity to study with him - DO IT! I posted a large photo so that you could see some of his work. We purchased the one behind me on the left. Look him up 

Signature Member of the NM Watercolor Society 

I really like the sound of that! This is a privilege that is earned by having 5 painting juried into 5 shows (but not more than one per show, 2 per year - is the fine print) within 5 years.

When I sign a painting it will now read Debra Vance, NMWS (and I choose to include my little "C" for copyright.) If you haven't earned it you are not allowed to use it. It implies that I have done my "homework" and "paid my dues" to earn the distinction. It also looks very nice on an art resume.

Next Steps...

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