San Xavier del Bac "White Dove of the Desert"

Missions and Historic Churches

Whew! Did June go by fast. My collection of paintings of churches were all hung around this painting of the San Xavier Mission. I am very happy with it! I hope you enjoy it too. 

During the time we were in Santa Fe - Dene and I drove around and I took pictures of the historic churches in the area. These were painted from the photos I took. 

The open house on the 14th came so fast! We had traveled to Ruidoso to try to escape some of the heat. I went to Fort Stanton and plein air painted the Catholic Stone Church there. 

All of the Churches are cataloged into my art. I created a category for them as well. Make it a little easier to find them. Click on over to Debra' Originals and see them for yourself. Watercolor painting page, then scroll down. 

Thank you to all that attended my July 14th Open House! Not sure when the next one will be. So, in the mean time just contact me and come on by the studio! 

This church was photographed during our recent trip to Santa Fe. We arrived early to the PACE event and drove around to several of the churches nearby.

NEXT: 2 Local Shows. 

Please be sure to stop into the Salud Restaurant the month of August. The NM Watercolor Society is having a show there. I will have 2 paintings there. Thank you Paul Vakselis for organizing it. 

Cafe de Mesilla - I will have 2 paintings here the month of August. The 10 o'clock club has there show at this location the month of August as well. 

Art Obscura - Deret Roberts is a busy man! We plan to get together and have a few more of my paintings in his gallery. Please stop in and see them / ask their location! His gallery is eclectic - something for everyone! I love the antiques that are interspersed with the artwork. 


Welcome to our new Hacienda Vance website. In 2015 we purchased our new home and retired from raising Galloway cattle and relocated to a warmer climate. No more cows, no more winter!

Officially retired; we love our new home, community & climate!

We have returned to our wine making endeavors. We love to share our wines during parties here at our new home. We have hosted the Christmas Party for the NM Vine & Wine Society twice and Deb had Studio Tours last month. Both events had our wine available to taste and enjoy. We are Amateur Wine Makers - therefore we can not sell wine, so we share instead! 

Debra has taken up Watercolor painting. Joined both the NM Watercolor Society and the Plein Air Painters of NM, Dona Ana Arts Council and ArtForms of NM (host for the studio tours.) It has offered many opportunities to meet lots of new friends in the art world. Please read more about my art endeavors on the Watercolor Art Page.

Dene is enjoying golfing at the Anthony Country Club where we are members. He is looking forward to being more involved there. He is golfing there 2 times a week now!  His golf clubs continue to bust drought conditions where ever we go. It had not rained in Tucson / Green Valley in 119 days. Bingo! Rain. We all know what happened in Yosemite right after we left right? It was all over the news. Historic snow and rain with flooding...... 

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