MUGS! - Sublimation Mug Press! 

New, New, New! Now you can get my paintings on a mug! I purchased a small mug press to sublimate my paintings onto the mugs. I will have latte mugs very soon as well! I was able to locate a young man who is doing sublimation production at his home. He is printing the artwork with sublimation ink. Thank you Johnny Pacheco and Southwest Sublimation!

Now, where to get them. Right now I have them here at My Studio and there are a few at Cafe de Mesilla. Thank you Joyce. I am hoping for a couple more locations in Old Mesilla! They have the painting, name of the painting and my information and web site on them. Collect a set! Have a favorite painting? I will make you your very own.

Stay tuned - More sublimated products coming soon! 



Scottsdale Artists School 

February was a busy one! My continuing education this year was a workshop with the President of the American Watercolor Society. Antonio Masi. This class was an intense 4 day event with lectures & demo in the morning. He continued to share information straight through lunch as most of us lunched in by ordering ahead of time. The afternoon he divided his time with each of us - the class was a wonderful size, just 10! A great week!  

Meet Antonio Masi

Antonio's Methods:  


He taught us all new information, at least to me. Forget everything you were told about water color - he paints 180 degrees from everything I have seen. First, he paints LARGE - his finished works are 40 x 60 or larger! He paints vertically - pinning the painting on a wall covered with plastic drop cloth. He uses oil brushes, palette knives and a mouth atomizer to spray paint on the paper. I was also introduced to a bamboo brush. So much to absorb - I have information to keep me busy for a very long time. 

He opened my mind to trying things, letting go of control, working in layers and so very much more. If you have an opportunity to study with him - DO IT! I posted a large photo so that you could see some of his work. We purchased the one behind me on the left. Look him up 

Ghost Ranch Morning


My painting from Ghost Ranch - Valley Glow sold to Donna Stryker! Thank you to all my buyers this quarter! 



NM Watercolor Society - Signature Status

It is OFFICIAL!! My application was approved!   It is with great excitement that I can announce to you that I am a Signature Member with the NM Watercolor Society. I am honored to be included in this group. Hard work pays! 

The requirement is to have 5 paintings juried into 5 shows within 5 years. No more than 2 per year and no more than one per show. My efforts are paying off - with hard work, continuing education to help me fulfill my goals I am very pleased to have this "feather in my cap." 

Please join me on the April 13th Studio Tour and we can celebrate my birthday, my new achievement of Signature Status and we may even have more good news...... 

Stay tuned! 


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