As a gallery owner the presentation and finished quality of work is very important to me. Debra Vances techniques for mounting and framing her watercolor paintings are nothing short of professional.

-Deret Roberts

Owner and curator of Art Obscura Gallery

Original Paintings - by Debra

This SECOND WEBSITE is just for my Original Watercolor Paintings. They are grouped by subject and will specify whether they were created in studio or en Plein Air. Just click Debra Vance Originals  below it will take you to my website specifically for my paintings & artwork.

Debra Vance Originals

VIDA Clothing & Home Decor

Many companies can put my artwork on merchandise; I chose VIDA because of their "Literacy for Life" programs for their manufacturers. They provide reading, writing and basic math to their employees in third world countries - a hand UP not a hand out. Now that's a cause I can get behind!

Just click the link below to see my artwork on women's scarves and items for your home.

Debra Vance Collection


Meet Jason Horejs

While in Scottsdale I had to visit my mentor for all things art business, Jason Horejs - owner of the Xanadu Gallery. He created an art business software that will manage your inventory, print all the documents you need and with a single entry - it will appear on your web site created with the software as well. I strongly recommend it to any artist of any medium. I have also watched the 4 hour training video about art marketing ($40) and read his book "Starving to Successful."

Jason is very generous with his time - he answers every email. When I signed up for the class at SAS I wrote and inquired if he would be in town - that I'd love to meet him. As he directs us in all of his marketing, do not walk in empty handed. I shared 2 paintings I had completed with him. Showed him his instructions of writing on the back of the painting had not fallen on deaf ears. It was all there. LOL (yes, I was a nerd)

If you are looking for Art Business Marketing - look up all that he does. I am trying to do as much as I can of what he recommends - and it is working.

20 x 16 Watercolor

Summer Studio Hours - Plein Air Painting! 

This Summer we are doing things a little differently! Mornings when it is cool and the weather cooperates I plan to be painting in the streets of Old Mesilla. I could be anywhere! I want to paint my home town - Gates, Archways, buildings old and new.

Please come and look for me there - say "hello" and you can sign up to win a prize if you tell me you read this here or on Social Media and get a free print. The Studio is open if I am home - Just call 575-964-7700. I post this because I WANT YOU TO CALL ME AND COME AND VISIT!


Blond Cliffs in Shadow

Watercolor Painting

My Studio has evolved into a wonderful creative space. I can paint, print and create sublimated items and more. The business license with the Town of Mesilla has provided a listing in the Town Visitor's Guide and a link on their web site.

We upgraded our RV to a Momentum Toyhauler. The garage space is my traveling studio. I will be attending some Plein Air Events and I can do my framing there as well.


Plein Air Painting

Exciting Plein Air Convention & Expo 2018 was held in April. It was a high energy 4 day event that was amazing! Hard to believe that I learned so very much in such a short time. I was introduced to many top Watercolor Artists during 2 hour demos they held daily. That is 3 a day! Followed by Plein Air Painting to try what you just learned.

Ghost Ranch was the amazing finale of the event. The entire group decended on Ghost Ranch. We moved the RV there and I got a second day of painting and photos there. It is no wonder Georgia O'keefe never left!

Ghost Ranch Morning

Next Steps...

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