Scottsdale Artists School – Workshop

I can not say enough about SAS. They are a well oiled, well trained group. This was the second workshop I have attended there; I didn’t feel as lost this time. I knew I needed to order lunch when I arrived and that all the gear I hauled in was staying there in a locked room over night. Simplified!

Antonio Masi is the President of the American Watercolor Society. He resides in Long Island NY. His grandfather migrated from Italy and was a steel worker on the 58th st. bridge for 8 years. His workshop just about turned me on my head as he does most everything 180 degrees from what I have already been taught.

He paints vertically with the paper anchored to a wall with plastic drop cloth behind it. He paints very large. His first demo of the day was 30 x 40! His finished paintings are 40 x 60 or larger. He uses oil brushes, palette knives and any other darn thing he wants to get the results he wants.

Each day he painted with a different technique. His goal was to expose us to as much as he could – and help us discover our own “voice.” He opened my eyes to things that I never knew. Opened my mind to see all that can be done. You are limited by your own imagination! Amazing man, Amazing instructor.