Hacienda Vance Pecans

We were so very lucky to have located this little pecan farm right in Dene's favorite place. Old Mesilla. Our farm is within the city limits, but sadly to receive mail at the street - we must use Las Cruces and 88005. 

We are on 11 acres of ground. Coming from 168 acres with a seven acre lake, this was about as small as we could go without feeling crowded. We have 310 pecan trees at the time of purchase. We may still add a few more in years to come. 

Since our neighbor has been farming these very trees for about 20 years; and we know nothing about pecans. The ideal situation is in place. We lease the pecans to him and he gets paid for his wonderful service. 

AS we get more organized, I will have Pecans (IN THE SHELL) available to purchase during my studio tours. 1 lb for $10. 

Hacienda Vance Wines - 


Dene and I have been making wine for about 15 years now. We started in Colorado and over the years won medals in the Colorado Wine Festival Amateur Wine Maker Competition. 

Now in NM. We started sourcing our grapes in Deming. This year we will get grapes here in the Mesilla Valley. Our first crush was 2016 with Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz and Carmenere. 2017 Crush was Refosco and Cabernet Sauvignon. This year 2018 we are looking at Chardonnay next week! And a couple reds. 

We crush in 300 - 500 lb amounts. Once you clean everything, you might as well make it worth while. We have had 2 bottling parties - about 25 cases each. We share our wines as we do not have the necessary license to sell! So, we bring the wine! A dinner party, we bring wine. Art show - I bring wine. My studio tours - you get to taste our wine while enjoying Artwork. 

NM State Fair Wine Competition. This is different set up than CO. We are now judged on the same plane with the commercial wineries. They just judged this years competition. We are very excited to have won a SILVER MEDAL for our Cabernet Sauvignon and a BRONZE MEDAL for our Refosco. 

The whole process starts over next week. Crush is on! If you want to help with crushing or bottling - just sign up for my newsletter and events. Indicate you want to help with things. You will be added to my email / newsletter list and you will know when we are looking for help. 

Until then, CHEERS!