Here you will read about the Pecan Orchards at Hacienda Vance.

After living on the Ranch for 18 years, we could not possibly move into a house on a cul de sac. We are very comfortable on 11 acres and there are 8-9 acres of (310) pecan trees.

The gentleman that is currently farming for us, has been farming this place for between 16-20 years. We saw no reason to change- he is also our neighbor. We live in a special place and have been blessed with wonderful new neighbors and friends.

Dene and I know nothing about Pecan trees. We have now witnessed 2 full year cycles and 2 harvests. The orchards are tilled and laser leveled. The water flows over them so quickly as they are leveled with a slope to move the water. During the growing season they are watered roughly 18 times (guessing?) After the final watering they are mowed, short and wait for a freeze. Only after a freeze does harvest begin. The tree shakers arrive - they are amazing to watch. They go tree to tree getting all the nuts to the ground. They are swept into rows and picked up by a third machine and off to the scales. They are stored, a price is set and it all starts over in the Spring.

Dene has been out and helped with the flood irrigation here. Learning our head gates and about our new irrigation well. The Pecan farm has both EBID shares and an irrigation well.

The Pecans are wonderful! Using them to bake, cook with, on a salad and just plain snack! I will have to share Michael Simon's wife Lizzy's granola recipe I use!

When you visit us during Studio Tours, appointments or visiting. Pecans will be available in 1 lb packages. $12.50 each.