DD Ranch Galloway Cattle & History

The ranch sold December of 2015. The herd, September 2015. They moved to Oklahoma with Mike Michaelis. I for one, was very grateful that they pretty much stayed together.

We originally chose the Galloway breed to fit our new 168 acre farm. There were lost of wet, swampy areas with a mixed variety of vegetation an frankly weeds. We needed a breed that would forage on anything, not pristine planted grazing lands. We were new to raising cattle and saw an immediate benefit of the breed being polled (no horns.) Their long hair cut feed costs during the cold winters on the front range as well. Their docile temperament was evident as soon as they arrived. They liked to eat forage pellets out of your hands.

Our first cattle were White Galloways purchased from Patricia Pruitt; 3 bred cows and a steer. Our first bull was White - HZ Atomic purchased from Frank Sandford. Atomic was our herd bull and serviced cows for roughly 12 years. We were very happy with the genetics - they were the basis for our new herd. We evenetually purchased some Black Galloway cows to broaden the gene pool of the white. It was and continues to be a small gene pool.

We raised the Galloway breed and had essentially 2 herds. The White and Registered Black. We decided to divide the pastures into north and south and run 2 bulls. That had it challenges, but it worked for awhile. When Atomic retired, we just had a registered Black Galloway Bull. This once again, broadened the White gene pool.

We met lots of cattlemen and women over the years. We were very proud to be a part of the beef and ranching industry. Salt of the earth folks. Their values rubbed off on us as well. A contract was a hand shake and your word was good.

Our first shows were in Billings, MT the NILE. At that time there were 2 shows sanctioned by the AGBA , Billings, MT in the west and World Beef Expo in Wisconsin.

After several years of assisting with the Herd Sire Dispaly of Black Galloway Bulls at Denver's NWSS, I founded the return of the Galloway breed show there. The Galloway breed was part of the very First NWSS along with Angus, Shorthorn and Hereford cattle. They were participating for awhile, absent several years and I brought them back in 2004. That year it was a breed display only, as we needed more participants. 2005 was the first show. It continues to this day.

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GC Bull

Next Steps...

We are no longer members of the AGBA. But if you need to get in touch with us regarding Galloway Cattle - we are still here to help!