Our Story

Dene and I retired here in Old Mesilla. We both had our individual careers; additionally - we raised Galloway Cattle. We were on what we called the the DD Ranch for 18 years. Time I will always remember and cherish.

Ten or twelve years ago we dreamed of a ranch in NM. We were originally looking for a ranch in eastern NM around Santa Rosa. The ranch didn't sell, we got older! The year we were feeding cattle in -27 degree weather, we looked at each other and we both new we were done. It is a younger persons game! So as our needs changed; so too did our newly defined search.

The new definitions were: "Not in town," "Not on a small lot" and "NO MORE WINTER!" The house needed to fit us. Dene's travels took him right through Las Cruces / Mesilla for 40 years on business trips. He knew immediately where to look. So the herd was sold September 2015 and the Ranch December 2015. We closed on December 7th (2015) - a Day of Infamy - for 2 reasons now! Almost 2 years have passed and we couldn't be happier!

We are located SW of Old Mesilla by about a mile? We can walk to the Spotted Dog or the old town square. We are on 11 acres with 9 acres currently planted with pecans. We have room for a couple more rows - so our number of trees could change.

Retirement seems to suit us. Just look at our smiles!

Next Steps...

You can shop all of Debra's paintings that are currently available. Click the link, go to the Watercolor Painting page. Click the Original or VIDA products. We can accept credit cards and use PayPal!